Herbal Remedies for Snoring

Snoring may not be a problem by itself, but snoring is the root of many other problems affecting not only the person who snores but also his family. Snoring can lead to disturbed sleep and hence act as a cause of hypertension and heart ailments. Also mostly the snoring problem occurs due to reasons like nasal congestion, obesity, disturbed sleep, use of sleeping pills, consuming alcohol and caffeine, sleeping on the back etc. So in some cases the snoring is also related to some existing problem, which leads to even further problems.

Due to the ill effects of the snoring and its wide effect on one's family members, lot of remedies have come in and many are very effective too. But the problem with snoring remedies is that they are "specific" in the area they target. Some remedy may aim at a blocked nose whereas other may aim at soothing the throat. So to be sure of which remedy to be adopted, the person should be aware of the problem which causes the snoring.

The herbal snoring remedy starts from the encouragement in simply changing your lifestyle to get controlled and proper sleep. Quitting tobacco and alcohol also acts as a remedy for snoring. There are other herbal snoring remedies also available that can cure the snoring trouble for you and your family.

There are many herbs available to cure the main causes of snoring. Household ginger is a very beneficial herb and can stop snoring. The ginger helps in increasing the secretion of saliva, which coats the throat and provides a soothing effect. The ginger mixed with honey can further lubricate the throat and along with snoring problems can bring an end to other cold problems too. Another herbal remedy available is wild yam (Dioscorea villosa), which works as an anti inflammatory just like vitamin C and helps to soothe the throat, which stops snoring.

Some herbal remedies also include nasal sprays that stops snoring by opening the nasal passages. These also help in clearing the sinus congestion and thus are far more effective for people who suffer from sinus problems.

Herbal remedies aim at stopping the snoring problem by curing the symptoms causing it. They try to correct and imbalance in the immune system, which in turn helps in prevent further diseases and complications. It also aims at preventing relapses which is not the case with other types of remedies, which try to terminate the current cause of snoring. Herbal remedies work from a deeper standpoint and aim at boosting the immune system and build a strong body.

Herbal remedies can be specific in application and hence for each type of patient, there is a specific formulation made by mixing highly effective herbs and enzymes. The herbs and enzymes work together gently to cure the snoring problem. Herbal remedies are one hundred percent natural so the chances of side effects are very remote.

Herbal remedies for snoring are very effective and promise long term benefits. But make sure herbal remedies are taken from a qualified source. If the formulation of herbs and enzymes is not correct, the result may not be so positive.

Post Author - Dr. Mark Clayson